Give It A Chance

give it a chance and I’ll try to be clear
if you’re seriously curious
about what I’m doing here I have news
I’ve stripped off my mask
so now I’m naked with fear
and it’s been years since I’ve had the blues
or has it just been a few moments
sometimes it's hard to notice
my comfort
her absence causes pain
that spurs my blood to strain my veins and sears
my eyes to weeping tears
but at last
we have cast the plaster back to ask her
before she disappears again
why then
do my questions crack the mirror
when it reflects
I don’t even miss the animal because
it never left
a primal cry resides inside our minds
so don’t be convinced there was a theft
with a distressed breathe I
through time just another fine and shining sign
to show that I kept mine shielded in rhyme

my beats speak blasphemies
afraid in the streets you can backpedal back to me
if you were robbed and then
told good luck oh well parts of our world are corrupt
even your dreams
free as they may seem to be
share a theme in a sequence
where sequined seekers seek
divinity within
while the rest of
the world caves in
the system is broken
but my words aren’t choking
so I’ll tell you    
the social contract extracts an agonizing price
if greed won’t recognize the folks it’s sacrificed
let's make them see us

if your wild-side will not be tamed
then join me in saying that this is a shame
where's the compassion?
because we are not as unfeeling as that beast
that rises in the east
and takes rest in the west
it’s a flammable animal managing miracles
from dawn on then at dusk when night comes
it gets chased away be traces of space dust
misplacing our trust in things not among us
It is precisely these sky cycle constellation stories I deny
they have shaped our life styles and that you must comply
here unleashes the not so peaceful pieces
of my central thesis
Here is why:

some demons try to trap us in made up shapes
like tetrahedrons but this Norwegian heathen's
not out to please ‘em
its not that hard to prove
glutton institutions writing blueprints
for violent confusion
hurt you too
I mean just look at these
apathy factories and plastic catastrophes
consider there are those
convinced to build drones
unannounced and unknown
Killing anonymously and alone
why I take this tone?
it’s because they are stealing the feelings
we should show
when others are struggling    
its why I wrote this poem
just so you know I’m not smuggling dissent
I bear it openly
juggling difficult sentiments like
I want no more empire and no more illusion
I want retribution

but wait look what you did you’re scaring the kids
good the jungle isn’t safer than the hood
you’re a misanthrope how do you cope
with the fact that you killed their hopes
of staying the same
oh! I love that feeling, blame
blame the change and heart ache on me
you see in this state of emergency
I try to remember how I ask for mercy
when things got worse for me    

we’ve been living from hand to mouth
but speaking from mouth to hand
it makes me think jaded thoughts
like we’re inaugurating robots
I just don’t understand
so predation is in escalation
no longer person to person
but nation to nation and don’t get impatient
just listen the situation has worsened
more importantly this disease won’t cause you to bleed
but perceive the world differently
the world differently
give it a chance

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