At age 15 J.W. was swept out to sea, caught by a riptide below Houda Point near Trinidad, California. After almost 2 hours of struggle and story-telling through gritted teeth, he was rescued by the Coast Guard, exhausted and hypothermic, but alive.  At 27 years old, J.W. Seaborn has been writing poetry and organizing spoken word poetry events in the Humboldt County area for nearly a decade. The Great Divide is his first album of original spoken word performances accompanied by original musical composition.  In 2017, he received the Fuerza Award for Best Work in Spoken Word in the Toyon Journal of Literature and Art.  His central motivations for writing and performing are the social critique of authority, personal improvement by way of self-reflection and progressing traditional perspectives on love, sexuality and masculinity. As a student of sociology at Humboldt State University, J.W. seeks acknowledgment of and action against the systemic oppression and inequality that exists in the United States of America.  He proudly says that he does his best to be an intersectional feminist and environmentalist.  As a poet, he feels as though one must experience change to appreciate stability, endure suffering to find resolve, embrace humility to heal from anger.  His style finds intensity without ambiguity.  He pours over his own fragility and disappointment to look at some raw truth.

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