Merely Human

the new moon rises
waxing on the horizon
of the afternoon sky
and I realize
she has gone
I must have napped
entirely too long

you see one good dream
during early spring describes
everything perfectly
but but don’t you worship me she said
rumor has it
when you challenge the magic
with reason it leaves us
merely human
I’m assuming love is pretty much always
This confusing

so I sat down
on her stoop awhile and snooped
into the future
I excused my usual muses
which originally led me to pursue her
full of questions but empty of fears
I let my thoughts dance freely
to what Joseph Campbell called
the music of the spheres
I dared to touch it
from far away I could hear
ten thousand timeless stories
and I explored each one
keep exploring
I learned that you can’t choose
which direction your roots grow
they grow down
but you can choose to appreciate
the grace of the moon
the pride of the sun
respect for the harmony
of the community of life
ten thousand stories of bliss
and sacrifice

I found I am not in the slightest way
ashamed to say
That each day
when restlessness stirs me
I reaffirm my love for the journey
I keep on learning
it is written
because although my words barely skim the surface
of what I am truly saying
she makes me feel like
I'll dig in my heels
like I'm staying with it

I love that feeling
I love her
even though I know everything changes
but don’t reveal too much
we have a mixed history of disagreement
and rumor has it
when you challenge the magic
with reason it leaves us    
merely human

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