Sailors and Sirens

these fish keep swimming
lost at sea
that’s how it’s been from the beginning
call it a contest
there’s nobody winning
just keep swimming and grin
while we pass the sirens singing
sinking sailors who somehow
still feel like they’re flying

I’m not denying
we built a great machine
and gave it wings
this sail shines bright white in the light
and the horizon
stretches on out of sight
so we must put a sacrificial speed
into everything we dream about

is there no time to commune?
it will take some patience to get in tune
with each other
with our earthly mother
it always has
and a storm awaits
too soon comes death
so weigh the anchor
sit still a while
enjoy your breath
seek a deeper understanding
don’t you dare call it doing nothing
as you think, process, listen

we have already transformed
the bay of plenty
into the narrow straights of
taken for granted
my fellow naked apes
didn’t you notice the duct tape
that keeps our sorry heap
from falling out of shape
just like that?

in order to make it stick
we had to scrape
away at the face of the earth
breaking the pattern
and changing the verse
without time to think
or examine we show no remorse
when we curse the very water
the soil that gave us birth

separation is the plan we choose
to celebrate me as opposed to you
so it’s no wonder
the mild-mannered mocking birds murmur
making fun of our many
and mounting mistakes
but that is only until we erase the places
they like to raise
their children in
by accident
the Earth's 6 global extinction event

can we make no treaties
with these other species
only with great difficulty
it seems to me
we are both the sailors
and the sirens
singing the song of our defeat
because it pleases us
it sounds so sweet

for a long time you could find me
leaning on the boundary
of someone else’s success
at something else's cost
the truth will set you free
but first it will piss you off

when there are no more blue-fin tuna
swimming in the sea
no more snowy plovers
nesting in the sand
it will be too late
to stop pretending
we had a good plan
its hard to admit
the way our mother suffers
is our fault

let us wake up
from  the triumphant liar's lullaby
of consumption and destruction
let us not stay as both
the sailors
and the sirens
singing the song of our defeat
because it pleases us
It sounds so sweet

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