Sure As Shit

sure as shit
I have faults
I have fears
I have desires
and on top of it
I want to be one
of the most honest liars

because anyone becomes a hypocrite
if they so much as hint
that in this mix of a cosmic compost pit
we are really that different
the same macro-molecules within us
the same collagen fibers
as any other vertebrate
in our ligaments
but after all this
our hunt
for the supernatural
is indignant

as if physics and chemistry are
less than the magic we had hoped for
less than a miracle
but imagine
even if there was no master plan
we aren't that different
from the rocks that dance slow
the circle that spins wide
the water that sings yes
it's all right here
there is still so much poetry
in the reality of just being
a human being
and then dying
but some lions pine
for something somehow finer

if I were ever given the chance
to recognize a spirit
distinguish it
from the myriad
I tried to I looked and looked again
raised as a preacher’s kid
with studies and discussion
that chance
was never found
or never given
except in distant sounds
and faraway visions
that almost had me calling
my own senses
a prison

I started to ask
if it could be so good and true
why does it remain
so vague and hidden
Christ has risen in the lives
of certain children
but only when another god
wasn't in position
to administer that deliverance

Indian gods look Indian
if you descended from
European Christians
Your gods likely look light skinned
it’s just anthropomorphism
I’m not picking on
any one religion
I'm just saying its significant
we aren't that different
from the rocks that dance slow
the circle that spins wide
the water that sings yes
and just like that
I don’t need to be told
we are the one and only
to feel holy
right now I feel holy and mortal
is it possible to feel both?
I think so
but it's a dirtier kind of divinity

either with science and doubt
or faith and trust
if you look close enough
it turns out
we are all naked in the dust
our myths became the clothes
we used to cover up

sure as shit
our lives are wild precious
and fleeting
so there's no need to wait for fate
or wish for permission
it all starts with a decision
to question

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