Tell The Story

down the road
around 11:00 pm
you can hear all the dogs
howling from the kennel
I never could get a job at
I didn't try that hard back then I guess
and I'd howl just like a pent up dog too
I sang the
young-man-in-a-small-town blues

I was not bashful
nor afraid
I would risk my life and try to get laid
then I would make up things that sounded
something like what I was supposed to say

we would climb trees, drink beers and ride bikes
we hadn't been reborn yet
we were carried by the years
our time was cheap like bumming cigarettes
and our hearts were light
but in time all things have to change

I started learning stories
of wayward beginnings
and incredible endings that are really
the beginnings of some other story
do you know the story of Gilgamesh and Enkidu?
of Tyler Durden and Marla Singer?
tell stories people won't let go of
for their whole lives even beyond
when they have died
its like they have made
a compromise with
the passage of time
the legends are kept alive
by telling others

I can compromise
I have a strong foundation
but I seem to miss success
I can climb as high as all of them
but I can't fly like the rest
I'm grounded
I toddle and falter

and when I try
to leap
I fall heavily on
the concrete beneath
the reverb of my excuses
I'm grounded by the gravity
of the situation and sometimes my words
feel useless

I've fallen like
my dreams of immortality
were raised in a basement
and constrained by an old fear of the stairs like
reality was something to work up to
but you didn't start there
I was raised by all the scars papa got
from playing in the backyard
all the while I was dreaming of
shadow puppet heroes
passing through the light
playing in the dark

they tell the story of
you're good enough
but you're not ready
they tell the story of
the story hasn't even started yet
after exposing emptiness
one can only welcome discovery

I've started writing my own story
I have a strong foundation
but I seem to miss success
I am adaptable like water
but there's a fire in my chest
a paradox
and with every breath
I breathe out cosmic acknowledgments
whispering forget-me-nots
no guts no glory
like this is all I got
my discarded star dust
the universe will not remember

and when you're rooting through
your memories of this place and these people
if you forget to mention me
I won't hold it against you
I might try to hide a tearful sigh
but its just a reminder
that I am still writing

so now years later
I seem to bury another old dog
every eight months
I whisper of the games we used to play
and howl at the night and sob

well I'm still not able to fly
or even fall gracefully
I sure don't live in a perfect balance
but if you ever wanted to share with me a piece of our story
know that I would gladly
accept the challenge, my friend
that's why we've come here tonight
to share each others stories
tell the story again

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