The Great Divide

I lifted veils and tore down shrouds
to challenge there the voice of clouds
by battles won and tears I’ve cried
my blood ran hot and stood I proud

had I but reached the great divide
to challenge there the sage of skies
with jagged bold and fearsome tone
set he my skin electrified

when level with him at his throne
tests he the metal of my bones
with all the sacredness he claims
I left him naked and alone

had I but just taken the reins
when truer troubles rose again
by all the courage that I boast
I came to reason with my shame

back where I come from on the coast
the fog speaks softly here at most
where silent letters graced the page
though god is dead I heard a ghost

revolution now shakes the cage
so fear can laugh and love can rage
our borrowed thoughts will be unmade
preaches the gospel of a new age
of a new age

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